Mt Hood Community College is the leading provider of CyberSecurity training at the Associates Degree level in the State of Oregon.

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MHCC CyberSecurity Courses Guide

Information Systems and Technology Management (ISTM) classes

ISTM183A: Preparation for A+ Essentials (description) (outline)
ISTM183B: Preparation for A+ Practical Application (description) (outline)
ISTM183C: Fundamentals of CyberSecurity (description) (outline)
ISTM283A: Fundamentals of Disaster Recovery and Business Continunity (description) (outline)
ISTM283B: Security Strategies (Next Generation Firewalls) (description) (outline)
ISTM283D: Strategic Infrastructure Security (description) (outline)
ISTM283DL: Strategic Infrastructure Security Lab (description) (outline)
ISTM283EA: Ethical Hacker 1 (description) (outline)
ISTM283EB: Ethical Hacker 2 (description) (outline)
ISTM297: CyberSecurity Capstone (description) (outline)

Computer Information System (CIS) classes

CIS122: Computer Concepts 3 (description) (outline)
CIS151: Network Fundamentals (description) (outline)
CIS152: Fundamentals of Routing Theory and Technology (description) (outline)
CIS154: Intermediate Routing Switches and WANs Theory and Techologies (description) (outline)
CIS279S: Windows Server OS (description) (outline)
CIS284S: Introduction to Computer Security (CompTIA Security+) (description) (outline)
CIS284NS: Network Security Fundamentals (CCNA Security) (description) (outline)

Relevant Electives

CIS145A: Computer Maintenance and Forensics I (description)
CIS145B: Computer Maintenance and Forensics II (description)
CIS145C: Computer Maintenance and Forensics III (description)
CIS197CSP: Client Side Programming (JavaScript) (desciption)
CIS197XML: XML (description)
CIS276: SQL (description)
CIS277: PL/SQL Developer OCA (description)
CIS277BI: Oracle Business Intelligence (description)
CIS277S: SQL Server (description)
CIS295CMS: Web Development: Content Management (description)
CS160: Systems Computer Science Orientation (description)
CS161: Computer Science I (description)
CS162: Computer Science II (description)