Mt Hood Community College is the leading provider of CyberSecurity training at the Associates Degree level in the State of Oregon.

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OCC-Sec News (Archive 2013)

Cyber Security Roundtable a Sucess

(Nov 12, 2013) On November 12, the Cyber Security program at MHCC hosted a successful Roundtable discussion on Managing a Cyber Emergency. The panel included local emergency management experts such as Todd Felix, Emergency Manager from the City of Gresham, Kelly Piper, World-wide Emergency Manager from US Bank, and from MHCC Linda VIgesaa (CIO), Don Adams (IT Manager), Richard Byers (Facilities Manager), and Staci Huffaker (Risk Manager).

A series of excellent questions driven by several students led to an exciting and engaging conversation about the role of Emergency management locally and how these plans affect us all.SC Conference Panel CS Students participating in the discussion'

MHCC to Host Cyber Security Roundtable 11/12 @ noon

(Nov 5, 2013) The MHCC Cyber Security Speakers Program is proud to present a special roundtable discussion on Managing A Cyber Emergency. This roundtable will include local emergency management professionals who will be discussing how emergency management works in the context of cyber security, and how this affects you.

The event will take place on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 from noon to 2:00pm in room AC1271 (behind the bookstore). Reservations are not needed. All are welome.

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MHCC is the PNW's First Authorized Academy Center (AAC) for PAN

(Oct 14, 2013) The Cyber Security program at MHCC is the first in the Pacific Northwest to be an Authorized Academic Center for Palo Alto Networks. This new collaborative provides training for MHCC students and faculty in the implimentation and use of Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW); and, are the center piece of the ISTM283B and ISTM283D/DL classes.

According to program co-founder Wayne Machuca, "this is an amazing opportunity for MHCC to be a part of an new training program equal to being with Cisco Academy or Oracle Academy at the start."

MHCC is a Palo Alto Academy

For more information on Palo Alto Networks click here.

MHCC Cyber Security Students get new Palo Alto Next Gen Firewalls

(Sept 27, 2013) MHCC Cyber Security students today worked with new Palo Alto Next Gen Firewalls (NGFW) graciously donated by Palo Alto Networks. MHCC and Palo Alto are collaborating on new collegate training as a part of MHCC's ISTM283B and ISTM283D/DL courses in the Cyber Security Degree.

MHCC CyberSecurity students working in lab

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Homeland Security Guest Lecturer for Fall

(Aug 28, 2013) OCC-SEC is pleased to announce our guest lecturer for the fall will be Kelvin Coleman, Branch Chief - Government Engagement for the Department of Homeland Security. Mr Coleman will be speaking on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 10:00am PST in room AC1271. Mr. Coleman will be discussing the importance and relevance of Cyber Security and providing DHS's perspective in this critical area.

All are welcome. Admission is free. Seating is as available.

Fall Cyber Security Classes full or near capacity

(Aug 28, 2013) Good News Everyone! Several fall Cyber Security and other IT classes are already full or near capacity. If you have not registered for classes yet, please do so immediately. If the class you desire is full -- GET ON THE WAIT LIST. If the wait list hits 12, we can petition for additional sections.

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MHCC Graduates 37 with CIS Degrees

(June 15, 2013) In one of the largest completions to date, 37 students graduated today from the combined Information Systems programs. Degrees were handed out for CIS (1), Database Development (5), Health Informatics (7), Information Technology (14), Networks and O/S (6), Computer Game Development (2), and Web Management(2). Of the 37, nine graduated with honors, one - Wayne Baley (AAS/CIS Health Informatics) is Valedictorian, eight are Rho Theta Honor Society, and two are Community College Completion Corps.

We are proud of all our grads and commend them for the hard work they did to make this day possible. Congratulations to all!

MHCC 2013 Graduates in Health Informatics

MHCC 2013 Graduates AAS/CIS Health Informatics

MHCC 2013 Graduates in CIS and Game Development

MHCC 2013 Graduates AAS/CIS Various Degrees

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CyberSecurity program makes headlines

(April 27, 2013) MHCC's new Cyber Security program made headlines in a special article published in The Oregonian. In the article, writer Steve Beaven highlights the dynamic IT career landscape and how the MHCC program is responding by creating new and relevant training programs.

To see the article, click here.

Morris to participate at CISSE in Mobile, AL

Paul Morris is participating in the 17th annual Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education (CISSE) in Mobile, Alabama. The CISSE conference is one of the most important gatherings of cyber security education professionals in North America and Morris is there. Of importance here is the direction and vision of future cyber security training needs for the USA.

To learn more about CISSE, click here.

CyberSecurity program makes headlines

(April 27, 2013) MHCC's new Cyber Security program made headlines in a special article published in The Oregonian. In the article, writer Steve Beaven highlights the dynamic IT career landscape and how the MHCC program is responding by creating new and relevant training programs.

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Intel VP CISO to Speak at MHCC April 11 @ 9am

(Mar 6, 2013) Intel VP Chief Information Security Officer Malcolm Harkins will be speaking at MHCC on the Cyber Risks Facing Business. Cyber attacks from foreign governments have drawn intellectual property from many American organization and government institutions, and companies like Intel are on the front lines of this new and covert war.

The event will take place on April 11 at 9am in room AC1271. It is open to all and seating is limited. For the "unoffical" poster click here.

MHCC OCC-Sec Team Photo

Team photo of the MHCC OCC-Sec faculty

MHCC's OCC-Sec staff poses for a team photo. See if you can guess who the players are.

CyberSecurity degree changed for 2013-2014 (update)

(Apr 8, 2013) An additional change was made to the second year of the CS&N degree. The CIS279S Windows Server OS class is added to the 4th term and the CIS244 Systems Analysis class is moved to Electives. The CIS279S class is being revised to incorporate server "hardening" and will complement the ISTM283B Security Strategies class which works specifically with Windows OS Platform security issues. Both of these classes are necessary to understand the attacks descibed in the 5th term ISTM283EA Ethical Hacker 1 class.

CS Program Modified for 13-14

(Mar 4, 2013) The CyberSecurity degree has been modified for next school year, but the change applies to all students. The ISTM283E Ethical Hacker class has been divided into two courses: ISTM283EA and ISTM283EB which will take place in terms 5 and 6 of the degree. The ISTM283C/CL classes have been dropped. And, the WE280CAD internship has been added.

Also, the CIS195 class has been moved to Elective. If you have already taken that class, or plan to for Spring 2013, you can use that class as one of the qualified electives. To see the new roadmap click here.

FBI Special Agent to Speak at MHCC, March 4, 4:00pm

FBI Special Agent Phil Slinkard will be speaking at MHCC on Cyber Security and the effect cyber attacks are having on the USA. The event will be held on March 4 at 4:00pm in room AC1271. This is an open event, all are welcome.

To download the "unofficial" poster for the event, click here.

Winter ISTM classes on unique schedule

Be advised the ISTM class appear on the winter schedule under it's own heading and NOT under the CIS heading. Not trying to make it hard, but --- Find it and you may get a piece of cheez!

About the Java Security Hack

(Jan 12, 2013) Homeland Security is warning all about the vulnerability currently being exploited in Java. It's bad enough that they have not determined how to fix it (yet).

For information about the announcement, search "Java Hack" or click here.

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