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OCC-Sec News (Archive 2014)

Rumor Mill: MHCC Proposes New CyberSecurity: Database Degree

(December 3, 2014) ISTM instructor Jack Fassel has designed a new database degree within the cybersecurity structure. The working title for this project is ISTM/AAS: CyberSecurity & Networking: DataBase. This degree combines the cyber security structure with the existing Oracle Academy training to develop individuals who can form secure data structures and work in the exploding realm of "Big Data".

The Notice of Intent to Offer (NoI) has been submitted to the State and is awaiting approval. Pending formal announcement, the actual degree roadmap is being withheld. However, stay tuned for for big release.

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The White House is Hacked -- Looks like the Russians

(October 29, 2014) The Washington Post is reporting that hackers have breached a White House "unclassified" network (let's hope so), and that the hackers appear to be working for the Russian government.

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Cybersecurity Workforce Immediate Needss

(October 28, 2014) Here is a report by the National Governors Association (NGA) titled "The Cybersecurity Workforce: States's Needs and Opportunities". In this document, states are advised to enhance their cybersecurity infrastructure by hiring more CS professionals. But, because both givernment and industry are pulling from the same pool of professionals, states need to focus on greater cybersecurity training opportunities, and even advice enhancing CS training at the community college level.

At MHCC we say "Welcome">

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How to spot a phishing scam

(October 8, 2014) October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Trend Micro has published a short video called how to spot a phishing scam. You see the video by clicking here or by going to YouTube and doing a search.

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MHCC Submits Application for CAE2Y

(October 3, 2014) ISTM faculty Wayne Machuca and Paul Morris today submitted their first draft of application for the prestegious Certificate of Academic Excellence for a 2-year institution (CAE2Y). This is an college-wide certification awareded by the National IA Education & Training Programs (NIAETP) and administred through the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS); and, if earned, will demonstrate that MHCC as an institution is committed to cyber security and information assurance. As of today, there are less than 40 colleges and univerities nationwide that hold this certification.

The application itself is a lengthy process in which NSF and DHS security professionals identified several security topic areas called "Knowledge Units" or KUs. The college needed to map specific curriculum and specific subject matter to the KUs. These "mappings" came from a variety of areas and not just cyber security. In fact, mapping also came from Business classes, Allied Health classes, and traditional CIS classes.

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Information Systems Class of 2014 -- Largest Ever

(June 16, 2014) MHCC's Class of 2014 saw the largest cadre of Information Systems graduates in the history of the college with 40 degrees awarded. The degrees awarded in every IS program: CyberSecurity and Networking (12), Database Development (5), Health Informatics (5), General IT (11), Networks and O/S (3), and Web Master (4).

Congratulations to the Class of 2014!

Cyber Security Grads Class of 2014Cyber Security Grads (?) Class of 2014

CIS Grads Class of 2014Computer Game Development Grads Class of 2014


Paul Morris presented Distingushed Teacher Award

(June 11, 2014) Distinguished Teacher of the Year, Paul Morris, was today presented to the MHCC Board of Education where he was acknowleged for his efforts in developing the Cyber Security program, the Cisco Academy, and continued support for many technical courses. Seen here with MHCC VP Christie Pilenski, Morris was presented with a beautiful plaque and a check from the MHCC foundation for $500.00.

Paul Morris is presented to the MHCC Board of Education

Cyber Security First Cadre acknowledged with Salmon Picnic

(June 11, 2014) MHCC's first Cyber Security cadre was acknowledged today with a fabulous salmon barbeque picnic. Seen here with Senior Instructor and Teacher of the Year, Paul Morris, members of the cadre who are graduating this week are moving on to new jobs or university.

Congratulations to all on the first team.

MHCC's First Cyber Security Cadre at a special picnic in their honor

Paul Morris earns Distingushed Teacher Award

(June 3, 2014) ISTM and CIS instructor Paul Morris today was celebrated as MHCC's newest Distinguished Teacher. Morris, who is the co-founder of MHCC Cyber Security program and leads the Cisco Academy, was honored today with a special presentation lead by MHCC President Dr. Debbie Derr as well as several administrators, faculty, and students. Morris will be presented to the college Board of Education next week and will recieve a gift of $500.00 from the MHCC Foundation.

Distinguished Teacher Paul Morris and MHCC President Dr. Debbie Derr Distinguished Teacher Paul Morris and MHCC President Dr. Debbie Derr

MHCC Ethical Hacker classes to get NDG NETLABS+ VM Templates for Spring 2014

NDG Logo(Mar 20, 2014) Starting in Spring term 2014, MHCC Cyber Security students will have access to the NDG NETLABS+ Virtual Machine template via the RAVE environment sand-box. This structure will allow each student to have an internal network, a firewall, and an external network which will contain 8 machines including 3 Windows servers, 3 Linux attack platforms, a Windows 7 attack platform, and a Windows XP "victim".

Additionally, the NETLABS+ structure is the same one used in many cyber security competitions.

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CAL to Represent Oregon at CyberPatriot Regionals

(Mar 3, 2014) Students at the Center for Advanced Learning (CAL) in Gresham will be representing Oregon at the CyberPatriot Western Regional Competition.

The senior CIS students competed in the CyberPatriot competition for the first time. The students had to search for vulnerabilities that were created in Microsoft desktop, server, and Linux operating systems. Once the vulnerabilities were discovered, the students were required to correct the vulnerability and hardened the operating system. The cyber team has done such a great job of competing that they will represent Oregon in the western regional competition. The cyber security team will be competing against the best teams from California and Washington.

The Center for Advanced Learning (CAL) changed their Computer Information System (CIS) curriculum this year to emphasize cyber security.  CAL has partnered with MHCC for their knowledge in the field and to articulate classes students are taking at CAL. The students are preparing for employment in the security field by exploring the fundamentals of cyber security, Microsoft and Linux operating systems, and programming while attending CAL during their junior and senior years.

CAL Lead Cyber Instructor Terry Braught CAL students to represent Oregon at CyberPatriot regionals

MHCC Students first in nation to recieve PACA awards

(Feb 18, 2014) MHCC students in the new CyberSecurity program today were presented their formal Palo Alto Networks Academy Cybersecurity Accreditation (PACA) v1.0. The awards were presented by MHCC President Dr. Debra Derr. Also in attendance was Shoba Trivadi from Palo Alto, Division Dean Rodney Barker, and instructors Paul Morris and Dr. Wayne Machuca.

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It's "Cyber February" and time to update your computer

Now is the time to do those pesky updates that you have been putting off. While updates to our personal systems is something we actually should do regularly, we often forget. Take time to review the list of things to do and do them!

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It's "Cyber February" at MHCC

(Jan 16, 2014) February will be a big month for Cyber Security events at MHCC. Here's a rundown of the schedule so far:

Cyber Students get first access to RAVE virtual machines. MHCC students in colaboration with CyberWatch West will get access to the new NSA-funded RAVE VMs. These machines are a protected "sandbox" where students can practice attack and defense techniques without fear of falling out into the generel Internet.

February 4, MHCC will host guest speaker Kelvin Coleman. Kelvin is the Branch Chief of Goverment Engagement for the Department of Homeland Security. He will be speaking on America's Cyber Security Challenges in a presentation entitled "The Fifth Domain: Beyond Land, Sea, Air, and Space." The event takes place starting at 3:00pm in room AC1277. All are welcome.

February 18, Palo Alto Networksreturns to award MHCC cyber students with their official PACA certificates. MHCC President Dr. Debra Derr is scheduled to make the presentations. This event begins at 3:00pm in room AC1277.

Also on February 18, Steven Parker from EnergySEC returns to discuss new and upcoming cyber security internship opportunities for MHCC cyber students. This is schedule for 4:00pm in room AC1277.

MHCC Cyber Students Earn PACA Accreditation

(Jan 2, 2014) Over a dozen MHCC Cyber Security students earned the new Palo Alto Networks (PAN) Academy Cybersecurity Accreditation (PACA) following the completion of the ISTM283B Security Strategies class in Fall term 2013. The training involves the installation and implementation of the PAN Next Generation firewalls. The MHCC class, the first of it's kind utilizing the Palo Alto Academy participated in the first ever deployment of this new accreditation.

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