Mt Hood Community College is the leading provider of CyberSecurity training at the Associates Degree level in the State of Oregon.

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OCC-Sec News (Archive 2015)

MHCC Enjoys Record Number of IS Grads for 2015

(June 13, 2015) The combined IS degree programs at MHCC had a record number of completions for 2015. According to the graduation program, there were a total of 94 completions up from 40 in the previous year.

As reported in the program, there were:
• 5 in Computer Game
• 1 in CIS base degree
• 5 in CIS DataBase Development
• 3 in Health Informatics
• 27 in IT
• 10 in Network & O/S
• 10 in Web Management

• 9 in CyberSecurity
• and an additional 24 CPCC completions!

MHCC is proud of our graduates and wish them the greatest success!

State of Oregon approves new Web Design CPCCs

(April 16, 2015) This week, the state of Oregon approved three new Career Pathway Certificates of Completion for the Web Master degree program. These CPCCs are available now and will be showing up on the website and in DARS very soon.

These certificates are based on the three broadly defined career paths already in the Web Master degree program: Digital Designer, Front-End Developer, and Back-End Developer. These certifications are designed for people who are coming to MHCC looking only for a few web development skill sets, as well as those looking for the full degree.

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MHCC Press Release and Web Site Changes

(April 9, 2015) MHCC has issued a press release announcing our CAE2Y award. The "presser" is presently on the home page and can be viewed here.

Additionally, a new "landing page" for the cyber security program is now available and easily found. The new address is:

When the MHCC website is redesigned, this page is slated to become to new home to the cyber security "site". Stay tuned for more information as it arises.

Breaking News...

MHCC Earns CAE2Y Designation

(March 9, 2015) Mt. Hood Community College has been designated as a Center for Academic Excellence 2 Year Institution (CAE2Y). This is a college-wide designation presented by the National Security Administration and signifies that MHCC as an institution has a commitment to Cyber Security and Information Assurance (IA).

MHCC faculty and staff will be presented the formal award at the Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education (CISSE) conference at Las Vegas, NV in June.

With this designation, Cyber Security graduates will have a special acknowledgement on their transcripts indicating that the training they received at MHCC met the national standards set up by the NSA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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For information on CAE2Y [click here]
For information on which colleges have CAE2Y [click here]
For information on the Colloquium [click here]


UPDATE: FEMA Event Registration at the Table

(February 17, 2015) The TEEX instructors for the FEMA event have let us know that they will accept registration at-the-table. It you are interested and have not yet applied for your FEMA student id, you can show up at the event and still participate.

NEW! Cyber Security CPCCs Are Ready

(February 9, 2015) ISTM is pleased to announce three new Career Pathway Certificates of Completion (CPCC). These are certificates designed around specific skill sets and are suitable for both degree seekers as well as technical workers with existing degrees but looking to update, enhance, or expand skills in Cyber Security.

These certificates are available on the website under Programs of Study or you can see them here:
Secure Network Technician [click here]
Network and Firewall Security Technician [click here]
Business Cyber Vulnerability Analyst [click here]

Revised Degree Roadmaps for 2015-2016

(February 5, 2015) The new degree path "road maps" are now available for all ISTM and CIS degrees including the new ISTM CyberSecurity and Networking: Database degree option. For more information, click on "Academics" at the top of the home page.


MHCC to Run A+ Classes Spring and Summer 2015

(January 21, 2015) Due to overwhelming demand, MHCC's ISTM department will be running two additional sections of the A+ training in spring and summer terms. When registration opens up, look under Information Systems and Technology Management for ISTM183A in the spring and ISTM183B in the fall. Also, there are still some CompTIA A+ exam vouchers available; however, these vouchers expire in December 2015 so you have to move fast. They are available until they are gone, so see Paul Morris if interested.

MHCC to host Free FEMA Cyber Security Training
Feb 19-20, 2015

*Update: January 20, 2015* TEEX has requested the following information for all attendees: full name, agency, mailing address (to where you want the certificate sent, email, and phone (work or home). If you are interested in participating, please include this information in your email request. If you have already requested, please send a second message with the additional data.

(January 8, 2015) MHCC's ISTM department will be hosting a Free cyber security training event using new Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) material and presented by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX). This is a two-day training and will cover AWR-136 Essentials of Community Cyber Security and MGT-384 The EOC's Role in Community Cyber Security.

These class are free and provide continuing education units (CEUs) and certification. Registration and a FEMA student id are required to attend.

For more information on the event [click here]

To register, please contact wayne.machuca -at- mhcc -dot- edu

To obtain a FEMA student id [click here]

For more information on TEEX sponsored cyber security training [click here]Texas A&M Engineering Extension

MHCC '14-'15 Cybersecurity Cadre earn PACA Cred

(January 5, 2015) Nearly 20 ISTM cyber security students have earned the Palo Alto Cybersecurity Accreditation (PACA) following this year's ISTM283B class on implementing Next Generation Firewalls. This marks the second year of MHCC's participation in the PACA Academy and our continued commitment to forward-looking cyber security training. Congratulations to all.

MHCC is a Palo Alto Academy

For more information on Palo Alto Networks click here.

Rumor Mill: MHCC Proposes New CyberSecurity: Database Degree

(December 3, 2014) ISTM instructor Jack Fassel has designed a new database degree within the cybersecurity structure. The working title for this project is ISTM/AAS: CyberSecurity & Networking: DataBase. This degree combines the cyber security structure with the existing Oracle Academy training to develop individuals who can form secure data structures and work in the exploding realm of "Big Data".

The Notice of Intent to Offer (NoI) has been submitted to the State and is awaiting approval. Pending formal announcement, the actual degree roadmap is being withheld. However, stay tuned for for big release.

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